What is snapchat’s My AI? What’s wrong with it?

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What is Snapchat? 

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps which is mostly used by kids and teenagers. A simple way to share your everyday life moments with friends and family. But unlike Facebook and Twitter Snapchat uses messages which disappeared from the chat after some time. Apart from this Snapchat also provides a lot cooler stuff: games, news and entertainment, quizzes and truly innovative photo- and video-editing tools. Recently Snapchat filters took the next level craze in users.  

What is Snapchat`s new feature My AI? 

As we all know, this era is for artificial intelligence. All companies are adopting AI and trying to give amazing features to their users with OpenAI. My AI is also a chat bot like Chat GPT. My AI was launched in the last week of February. My AI is chatbot from Snapchat which is running on OpenAI GPT technology. Initially it was only available for paid users but now it is free for all users globally.  

In this feature, you can give a name to your chat bot and give an avatar as well. You can ask questions and get recommendations, the same as Chat GPT. This is a very new feature form Snapchat which is based on AI, So Snapchat made the announcement regarding MY AI that this chat bot is still in progressive stage so before you believe and put trust on its replies make sure that you confirm the answers. Snapchat also announced to be aware of sharing your personal information and secrets to chat bot. All chat will be stored by the company and may be reviewed later for future updates.  

What is wrong with My AI? 

Well, My AI is same as Chat GPT but here you can give a customized name and avatar to your chatbot and talk like your friend. It’s like a virtual friend. It was going perfect but suddenly some users start complaining about My AI. One user posted on twitter that Snapchat`s My AI Chat bot posted a story of his house wall and stopped responding in chat. This is very scary. There is another user who shared that My AI posted a wall on story when he asked about it there is no response.  

Snapchat 1
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But recently Snapchat posted on twitter that My AI had experienced an outage but and the problem is solved now.  


My opinion on this. 

Well in this case I would like to say that whatever you try on the first time it will face some problems. Snapchat is serving a cool feature form many years they also wanted to adopt AI same as other companies. Look, AI is still on progressive stage it’s not perfect from every angle. It doesn’t matter how perfect you make there is always some negative side to it. I accept that the way chat bot posting stories and not replying is quite scary but as Snapchat gave response there might be some technical issue so let’s think positive wait for new updates on it.  

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